Shawn Coss

A forced conflict of dark imagery and bright colors, creating a type of chaos

Chris Trueman

Chris has dropped his latest NFT collection exclusively on Uhive! One of the biggest names in the California art scene with the credentials in the artworld and NFT space to make this a very special launch

360 Brain

Artem Pozdniakov's NFT collection bends reality, leaving you to interpret his work in your own way

Julio Bencid

Julio's exclusive NFT drop on Uhive is available right now! A successful artist in the gaming industry, and social media influencer, Julio loves the challenge of creating new and interesting characters

Uhive X Landon's Customs

Tokenized sneakers are here - Uhive customized Air Force ls - digitally exhibited in the Metaverse, physically displayed on your feet!


ISHU Loved by Kevin Hart, Jay-Z, & Beyoncé - invisibility scarf creator ISHU's first-ever NFTS